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Sharks Gameday: Best. Fight. Ever.

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San Jose Sharks (48-14-11) at Nashville Predators (35-30-8)

Remember way back when Brad Staubitz broke Jordin Tootoo's face? You don't? It went a little something like this.

Punch! (Blood splatter)

Repeat in rapid-fire succession for about ten seconds.

Never mind that the Preds are in a furious playoff fight or that the Sharks might reclaim first place with a victory tonight; tonight, I'm pretty sure all eyes will be on Tootoo and whatever he does to try to exact some vengeance on Staubitz.

In terms of the lineup, Patrick Marleau is back while the Preds will be without Geico spokesman David "Caveman" Legwand.


So easy that David Legwand can do it!

And on a really random note, great interview with our favorite Russian goalie over at Puck Daddy (Corey Perry, you're now called out). You might have caught my Kukla's feature called Puck Rock where I interview different hockey players and personalities about their music obsessions or what instruments they play. I don't think Nabby will ever be featured on it:

Sometimes it's Bryan Adams, Tatu, Russian or American rap

Prediction: Sharks win, Brad Staubitz is awesome. That is all.