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THE Loui Eriksson???

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Holy shit, did you guys know that if you guys go to the Kings game on Thursday you can see Loui Eriksson?  Yeah, THE Loui Eriksson!  How fucking exciting is that???  I mean, Loui Eriksson, in my hometown!  I can't wait.  You better buy your tickets now, this shit is going to sell like hotcakes.*


*OK, this is a little unfair to Eriksson (who is a good young player), but seriously, there's like 5 people on the Stars that you would advertise to rival fanbases before you get to Eriksson.  Also, do hotcakes sell?  I think it's time to update that simile to something a little more current.  I nominate "Jonas Brothers tickets."  No matter how hard I try, I just can't see those boys!**

**I'm not a fan of their music per se but I sure do love abstinence!***

***I'm fucking tired, I'm going to bed.