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Kings Gameday: "Sure is a 'Dead' Line! Hahahahaha *snort"

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LA Kings (26-27-9) @ Columbus Blue Jackets (31-26-6)

4:00 PST, Fox Sports West


The NHL Trade Deadline is tomorrow (check out all the action here), but I wouldn't expect the Kings to be a part of it.  The Kings are undoubtedly sellers to everyone that isn't a lunatic that built playoffs dreams on the shaky foundations of a 7-1 February run, but they don't really have anyone to trade.  I did a ditty for Illegal Curve a while ago where I listed the Kings' top needs and trade bait.  The trade bait?  Erik Ersberg, Kyle Calder, Tom Preissing.  To reiterate: back-up goaltender, shitty 3rd line winger, recently waived offensive defenseman.  I'm sure playoff teams are lining up around the block for that action.  The only valuable veterans the Kings have are Sean O'Donnell and Michal Handzus, and both are too important to the club right now to get moved for youth.  The Kings need an elite forward and a veteran goaltender (assuming Ersberg gets traded), but why wouldn't they just wait until the draft, when prices are lower?  It doesn't make any sense for the Kings to do anything right now.

(Wait, this paragraph will look bad if the Kings do something tomorrow.  Better qualify it.)

Of course, that's not to say they don't do anything.  They could find a reasonable deal that will set them up for next season (Ilya Kovalchuk) and the years down the road (Ilya Kovalchuk).  If (Ilya Kovalchuk) they do decide to make a move (Ilya Kovalchuk) that helps the Kings for next year, then I'd applaud the move.

But no, the Kings probably aren't going to do anything this deadline.  If you're a Kings' fan, I recommend you sit back and watch the hilarity as delusional fans celebrate the addition of Sean Avery and his ilk.  Should be fun.

(Notice I did not mention Frolov's name once here.  That's because I would cry if he got moved and I don't want to be sad right now.)

Prediction: Kings win, 0-(-1).  This game is going to be so low-scoring they actually take away a goal.