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That Felt Like a Playoff Game

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-Matt Greene is a Goddamned sexual tyrannosaurus.

-I really like watching Oscar Moller and Wayne Simmonds out there at the same time, but poor Moller is getting his ass kicked every night.  I think he might get sent down to Seattle when if Williams gets healthy.

-You know who I love?  Drew Doughty.  I know, I probably say it a lot, but I love that little guy.  I want to lie in bed and talk about my feelings with him, and then we can get up and make chocolate chip pancakes together and he can playfully dab chocolate on my nose and then kiss it off.  You know, just regular thoughts everyone has.

-Teddy Purcell has played great the past few games.  Has anyone missed Patrick O'Sullivan since he left?  Also, that was awesome when Purcell called Patrick O'Neal "Ryan" at the end of his interview.  You suck, Patrick O'Neal.

-I think Heidi Androl is what Joe Posnanski would call "infomercial hot."  She's what people settle for when they can't get a real hot chick to pitch for them.  Another example would be the chick from the Rosetta Stone commercials.  I mean, I'd totally scramble their eggs, but you know what I mean.

-Jonathan Quick scares the shit out of me, but he gets the job done.

-That Kopitar check on Burrows in the 3rd period was better than any goal Kopitar has scored this season.

-Fucking Kings, now I'm starting to think they can make the playoffs.  Here's where they'll screw me, just you watch.