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Ducks Gameday—Last game of the season, time to get a first round opponent

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Anaheim Ducks (playoff-bound) at Phoenix Coyotes (golfin')
Five For Howling, where they could save a lot of time if they came up with an abbreviation for the word "disappointment".

Congratulations to the St. Louis Blues and our Anaheim Ducks for securing the last two spots in the western conference playoffs last night.  Now both teams (and the Blue Jackets) get to shuffle around one final game to see where exactly the teams will finish.

For once, it seems, the Ducks don't really control their own fate.  If the Blue Jackets really want the sixth seed, they can guarantee that with a single standings point.  If the Blues really want the eighth seed, they can guarantee that with a regulation loss.  For the Ducks?  All they really know is that a victory tonight guarantees seventh or better and kills any hope of a first round BoC, but any movement up or down depends also on the CBJ or STL last-game result. 

Doing a little math with the Sports Club Stats site, it seems that the Ducks will open their postseason in: 49% Detroit, 29% San Jose, 18% Vancouver, 4% Calgary.  And we may not get a definitive answer until St. Louis finishes their season tomorrow. 

Prediction: It's the last "no pressure" game for a long time.  Ducks 3, Coyotes 1.  Goals by Pronger, Marchant, and Ryan.

Go Ducks.