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Open Thread: The Battle Begins

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Like a twisted dream that we'd feared would come true, we've finally crossed the streams and entered the other side:

#1 San Jose Sharks vs. #8 Anaheim Ducks

Crap your pants and bust out the Red Bull, it's gonna be a hell of a series. I'm sure we'll have plenty to see on here over the next few days (and somehow, I'm betting it's a Wednesday/Friday start, since no TV network would touch this without a ten-foot pole).

Let the Battle of California begin. Post trash-talking in the comments below.


[Sleek edit 7:15 pm -- Not to belabor a 4-month old post, but I think these guys carry my message well.]

After nearly three years, this blog just turned official!

[Sleek edit 8:50 -- the schedule is set, and Versus really likes us!]

Thursday, April 16 Gm1: Ducks @ Sharks 7:30 pm VERSUS, CBC, RDS 
Sunday, April 19 Gm 2: Ducks @ Sharks 7 pm VERSUS, CBC, RDS
Tuesday, April 21 Gm 3: Sharks @ Ducks 7:30 pm VERSUS, CBC, RDS
Thursday, April 23 Gm 4: Sharks @ Ducks 7:30 pm VERSUS, CBC, RDS
Saturday, April 25 Gm 5* Ducks @ Sharks 7 pm VERSUS, CBC, RDS
Monday, April 27 Gm 6* Sharks @ Ducks TBD VERSUS, CBC, RDS
Wednesday, April 29 Gm 7* Ducks @ Sharks TBD VERSUS, CBC, RDS
* if necessary