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BoC Over-Under (or Modified Drinking Game)

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Here are my predicted over/under values for the series. This can, of course, also double as a drinking game. Sip a beer if your team is winning, take a shot if your team is losing.

Bad Rob Blake holding penalties: 8
Chris Pronger elbows: 42
Called Chris Pronger elbows: 2
Corey Perry/Evgeni Nabokov run-ins: 33
Corey Perry goaltender interference penalties: 0
Periods before refs put away the whistles and lose control of the series: 1
George Parros/Jody Shelley fights: 1

Randy Hahn and Drew Remenda refer to Teemu Selanne by his first name: 75
Brian Hayward is shocked by something: 4,928
Versus TV references to Bobby Ryan being drafted after Sidney Crosby: 829
Versus TV references to Claude Lemieux's age: 2, both coming in the only game that he shows up in
Versus TV references to Anaheim's Stanley Cup: 14
Versus TV references to San Jose's early-round failures: 119
Versus TV references to "The Battle of California": 20
Versus TV references to "The Battle of California" blog: 0

On the Ice
J-S Giguere on-ice appearances: 0
Reports of J-S Giguere silently weeping in the locker room: 7
Travis Moen goals: 2
Torrey Mitchell appearances: 0
Alexei Semenov appearances: 1
Bad Alexei Semenov turnovers: 19
Times Todd Marchant looks good enough to be a top-line scorer: 3
Times Todd Marchant looks apathetic enough to be sitting in the press box: 2
Mike Grier shorthanded chances: 4
Mike Grier shorthanded goals: 0

Hair-Related Bets
Boxes of Touch of Grey used by Scott Niedermayer for his salt-and-pepper beard: 2
Patrick Marleau furrows his unibrow: 97
You see Ryan Getzlaf's bald spot: 4
Games necessary for Joe Thornton to have a mountain-man playoff beard: 2

BoC Stuff
Times Rob Niedermayer wishes Pahlsson was at his side: 45
Times Sleek wishes Pahlsson was at his side: Infinite
Times Chen changes the jersey he is wearing: 0
Times Chen questions whether or not his jersey is cursing the Sharks: Infinite
Misspellings of "Wisniewski" in BoC comments: 8

Feel free to add your own in the comments.