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Don't make me sit alone!

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At first, I was going to post this in FanPosts but then I thought "nah, people are just going to roll their eyes and assume it's another Cycle like the Sedins plug."

So, instead, I'll keep this brief so you can scroll down to the great stuff we're (should I say they?) are posting:

I'm coming to California for game 4 of San Jose - Anaheim. Might even be there for more than Game 4. Not only am I coming, but I have an extra ticket. The seats are in Section 442, row P. It cost me more than 100 bucks, but all I'm asking for is a $50 contribution.

Plus I'll buy you a beer.

So, what do you say? Please join me. I'm too poor to be doing this but this shit only happens ever 30 years. E-mail me if you're interested:

(Sorry BoC-mates. Look on the bright [?] side though: you can reprimand me in person!)