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As I was driving home from the game tonight my first thought was what the hell just happenend the last few days.  Then I starting thinking.

-the Power Play looks like it has 5 guys who have never worked together ever.

-Why is Ehrhoff playing?  The Ducks have a great game plan of letting him play the puck.

-Why do our D-men drop back and let the Ducks play with the puck? 

-Getzlaf and Perry are unstoppable and outplaying Marleau and Thornton

I always defended Thornton when Boston fans criticized him for his lack of playoff success.  If you are one of the top players in the league you have to show it in the playoffs.  Joe has been invisible these 2 games.  Randy Hahn was on sportstalk radio a few days ago and made an interesting observation.  He mentioned how the Ducks were making a conscious effort NOT to hit Thornton since he plays better when he is physical.  What the hell?  Getzlaf and Perry are doing what Marleau and Thornton should be doing, controlling the play. 

I went into this series thinking it would be a war with the Ducks playing like they do in the regular season and trying to muck it up.  They have not even had to resort to this type of play the 1st 2 games. 

Looks like it is time to get the golf clubs out.