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Kings Gameday: Who's Hotter?

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Los Angeles Kings vs. Phoenix Coyotes

7:00 PST, Fox Sports West

Wanna know why sports are ridiculous? They can lead two men who are mostly straight to become so consumed by sports that they can have the following conversation:

Matt: You know, I'm not gay or anything, but that Teemu Selanne is a good-looking man.


Rudy: True. He has nice bone structure.

Matt: I'd go so far as to say that he's the best-looking hockey player to ever play in California.

Rudy: Well, no, because Luc Robitaille played for LA, but he is pretty good-looking.

Matt: Dude, Teemu Selanne is better looking than Luc Robitaille.


Rudy: What the fuck are you talking about, Luc Robitaille looks like a god! Plus, Teemu's face is too wide, he looks like a gecko.

Matt: Oh, yeah, because you know good-looking you fucking ghoul. Luc looks like a Frenchman and his nostrils are constantly flared. Plus, you have to admit that Teemu looks better with a beard.

Rudy: Yeah, I'll concede that. We're going to have to settle this the way we always settle our disagreements.

Matt: Alright. First person to cum loses... go!

Prediction: Kings lose (hopefully), 4-1. Goal by Purcell. I lose and win at the same time.