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Yeah but what about Joe?

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First the good things.  Dan Boyle was all over the ice.  The players played with passion and were physical.  After G2, Boyle was the only player who seemed to be pissed off and let his feelings be known after the game.  He backed up his talk with the best game of the series.  

Leave it to a Sharks fan to focus on a negative when so many things went well tonight.  When did Joe Thornton become the NHL's version of A-Rod?  For you non-baseball fans, Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees is known to have monster regular seasons (sound familiar?) and come playoff time he becomes invisible.  Sure Joe had a nice assist on Boyle's first goal but he seems like he doesn't want the puck.  When he gets it, the Ducks rush 2 guys at him and Joe wants to get rid of it quickly and is making careless passes to noone in particular.   Joe has to make himself a factor in the series.  If he doesn't score or pass he has to stand in front of the net or become a physical presence.  The Sharks (and Joe) play so much better when the game is physical and they use their size.  Message to Joe: SHOW US SOMETHING DURING G4....PLEASE!!!!!