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I have been sitting here for 1/2 hour trying to figure out what to say.  If I started writing after the game it would be just a bunch of swearing.  How the hell do you come out in a playoff game and play like that.  I always hate when people say you have no heart but what can you say.  Show some passion...anyone.  They come out and played well for the 1st period.  It was almost like they could not score after a strong start and then just laid down.  Somebody needs to step up and lead.

Marleau: probably injured, sick father but if you are the modern day Steve Yzerman, do you think Steve Y would let a team show no passion and energy?

Thornton: wonderful pass tonight........ to Getzlaf    

Cheechoo: if you are looking for your jock, you left it on the ice when Ryan skated around you to score the game's 1st goal.

I'm just speechless.....I've got nothing