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BoC Gameday—Do or Do or Die

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San Jose Sharks (1st in west) at Anaheim Ducks (8th in west)
Ducks lead series 3-2, JavaGeek Odds: ANA 66%
Go visit Fear the Fin, where they're hoping to avoid handshakes tonight.

Sorry this post will have to be quick and dirty -- my computer monitor (internally) exploded this weekend so I was unable to prepare anything, or even read any comments or e-mails after G5. Still, not a whole lot needs to be said -- Ducks need to win tonight or face the wrath of a G7 up north.

James "STFU" O'Brien and I will be in the Row B seats tonight -- you can look for the lucky green shirt on TV, or if you're in attendance you can buy me a lucky drink.

Note: actual shirt may be more drink-stained.

As much as it kills me to say it, the Ducks are 0-2 this series when Versus and the awesome Daryl Reaugh get exclusive coverage in the SoCal area; they are 3-0 when shitty Brian Hayward gets the call. And yeah, Hazy's calling tonight's contest.  Thank goodness I won't hear it.

Prediction: Pronger gets a series of handshakes.

Go Ducks.