well I wanted to do a cartoon of the BOC Shenanigans of game 4...but I decided to do that plus add a Farwell to our fellow Cali brethren...I was rushed in this excuse the crude drawing but I think it captures what we kinda look also makes fun of the fact sleek sings choir....I mean what the fuck sleek?


a note on the sharks was a great series....lived up to the hype and is worthy of this fine Boc blog....shark fans are passionate about there team and that’s commendable...I met (shook hands or talked to) maybe 30 sharks fans at game 4 Id say 28 out of 30 were all cuu dudes....the other 2 I probably provoked by being drunk and stupid


so a toast to a worthy opponet and awesome this will the last team in this playoffs..ill have anything good to say about as I hate every other team not in cali...cuz it is us against them......they make fun of our sun and plastic boobs....well fuck off..especially you detriot....and you boston (im a lakers fan also so im programmed to hate boston)....


oh and GO DUCKS!!!

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