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Is Doug Wilson going to ask questions? Yes he is.

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Do I mean to steal the spotlight from Sleek and the Ducks? No, but the series won't start for a few days? Am I glad that Doug Wilson isn't copping out about this whole disaster? You bet. Are we ready for some quotes from Mr. Sharks GM? Here you go.

Did we bring too many and prevent growth from our own people? I don’t know. Am I going to ask that question of myself? Absolutely. Do you dabble too much? Do you do too much? Was it time for this group to grow up and handle what was in front of them? I don’t have the answers, but those are the questions that will be asked and should be asked. And we’ll get answers.


There’s levels of your core and there won’t be one player or staff member that doesn’t get questioned. Should any of us feel comfortable? The answer is no. Do we have to change the mix? Absolutely.

Is David Pollack the best source for this info? One of the best, but PJ at Sharkspage (who texted me this morning that he was at the end-of-season briefing) has a good summary over there.

Should Doug be a contestant on Jeopardy? Quite possibly.

"I'll take The Rapists for $200, Trebek."

Update 6:00: Injury news has started to trickle out. Patrick Marleau's been playing the past while with a sprained MCL. For what it's worth, a little bit of Googling shows that on average it takes 4-8 weeks depending on the severity of the injury.