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Sharks Gameday: Flashbacks and Magic Numbers

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Colorado Avalanche (32-44-2) at San Jose Sharks (52-16-11)

7:30 PST

Note: This post conveinently ignores the Boston Bruins' current standing for dramatic effect. No offense, Bruins fans.

How much does the Colorado Avalanche really, truly, deeply hate the Detroit Red Wings? I know things aren't like how they used to be in the good ol' days, but if there's still some animosity between the two clubs, then the Avs could do their part in trying to screw the Wings out of the President's Trophy by rolling over and playing dead tonight.  Hey Tony Granato, remember the team that took a flyer on you after that whole brain surgery thing?

Right now, the Wings have 111 points and the Sharks have 115. Both have three games left, though the Wings are off tonight. That means the Wings have a maximum of 117 points and the tiebreaker (wins). So the Sharks' magic number is three in any form.

So young Avs players, why don't you ask Uncle Adam Foote about the wars between the Wings and the Avs? How about looking up some YouTube clips where Brendan Shanahan did an awesome flying clothesline (a Rick Steiner "Steiner-line" for those in the know) on Patrick Roy? How about getting a pep talk from an old salt like Claude Lemieux before the game?

After all, you're not playing for much else than pride right now, and what's better to be proud of than screwing over your hated rival? Right? Right?

Prediction: Avs forfeit. Sharks play shinny and no one gets injured. Tony Granato invites Cammi Granato and her husband Ray Ferraro to join in. Everyone goes out for pizza afterwards on Milan Hejduk's dime. Thanks Milan, what a pal.