New Ducks Blog! Anaheim Calling


I've been alerted by e-mail of a new Ducks blog, Anaheim Calling, which in the Ducks end of the blogosphere is a rather rare occasion. I've only started checking it out, but I like what I've seen so far. Of personal interest is Arthur and Daniel's discussion about Bobby Ryan assuming Paul Kariya's #9 -- money quote for me is this: "I think Anaheim fans need to suck it up and show Paul the respect he deserves. Anaheim fans are being pouty stereotypical Orange County elitists who think that everyone on their team should do exactly what they want regardless of how disrespectful it is to the person involved, in this case Kariya. I suppose the more I think about it the less I like Bobby wearing 9. It's Kariya's number, and it should stay that way. It should be an unspoken rule." Hell yes. There's a good discussion about Calder candidates there as well. Also, I'm rather awful at keeping track of prospects, but Arthur is apparently keeping tabs, and he's excited about MacGregor Sharp. I'm glad there's somebody (else) that's keeping an eye on the cupboard -- I'm quite useless in that department. So far, I'm really liking the site -- Ducks fans should definitely check it out. Sleek-endorsed!

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