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Sharks Off-Season Plan

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Since all the BoC teams are out playing golf and I didn't want to criticize Rudy's television habits, I decided to crunch some numbers.  I usually do a Sharks offseason Master Plan each year and since Doug Wilson never asks for my opinion some of it is usually fantasy but I am correct every blue moon.  So here is what our cap situation looks like.  The free agent class doesn't look very impressive.  There are big names like Bouwmeester, Niedermayer, Ohlund, Sedins but we can not afford any of them in our current situation. 
Here are the guys we have signed for next season by position:  Number are in millions obviously. 
Goalies:  Nabby is in the last year of contract at 6.0 so we have to make a decision on him this offseason.  Can't go into next season w/ a lame duck goalie.  Boucher is an UFA and the FA goalie class is not very strong.  Luongo trade is not out of the question but depending on what we have to give up if we don't think Greiss is the long term answer.    
D-Men:  Boyle 6.67, Ehrhoff 3.275, Vlasic 3.1, Lukowich 1.8, Murray 2.5, Joslin .500, Mike Moore .875
Ehrhoff, Vlasic and Murray's salaries bump up huge this season because of raises in their contracts.  Ehrhoff needs to be traded for draft picks so his salary comes off and can use that money elsewhere and I am interested to see Petricki brought up.  He is 6'3' 220 and has a nasty streak which we need.  Not sure if Blake will come back for anything less than the 5 he made last year.  Huskins is a UFA and can replace Semenov if we can sign him.  I would like to see us sign Komisarek or Leopold if Blake doesn't come back.  
Forwards:  Joe 7.2, Patty 6.3, Milan 3.5, Cheech 3.5, Pavs 1.725, Seto .765, Shelley, .725, Mcginn .71
Assuming Joe or Patty are not moved, decisons have to be made on Milan and Cheech.  Milan's salary increases significantly in the coming years.  Clowe is restricted and will probably make between 2-3 unless Kevin Lowe thinks he is Penner and offers him some ridiculous amount.  Moen can replace Grier at a cheaper rate.  Goc, Mitchell and Plihal are all RFA's and will probably make around 1 each.  We could probably do w/o JR and use that money elsewhere and allow McGinn or Couture to win a spot fulltime.  We need more grit so possible FA's include Axelsson, Yelle, Laperriere or Neil. 
There are rumblings that the cap could decrease by around 2.5 this year so with the signed players we only have less than 8 to sign Blake, Clowe, Goc, Mitchell, Moen, JR etc so it doesn't work unless someone is traded.