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Attention: Dean Lombardi Can Write

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Dean Lombardi wrote an open letter to Kings' fans, which can be found here.  It's all the stuff you'd expect him to say but it's still nice to hear him say it, although I'm dubious that it's actually him.  (He doesn't say one "How ya doin'" and there's nary a reference to a box in sight.)  My favorite part is this paragraph, where Lombardi pulls his best Chopra impression:

There are numerous other benchmarks that measure the game within the game that signify the hope and direction that this group of young players provides. However, the most significant touchstone that inspires my beliefs comes from those signs that are not visible to even the trained eye. I am convinced that all great sports franchises must develop a soul. The soul of a franchise is its identity. It springs from the well inside each athlete learning to bury his ego and direct his energy toward caring about his teammates and the achievement of their common goal. While the salary-cap era has changed the inner dynamics of the team and the building process, I am convinced that this intangible remains the hallmark of great franchises. Once this culture is established, it has the ability to transcend generations and provide a template for what it means “to be a King.” This sentiment is a powerful ally that instills in every player who wears the Kings Crown a unique brand of excellence that continually cultivates meaningful greatness.

I have no idea what he's talking about.  Lombardi is either the smartest man alive or a Hank Scorpio-esque villain and my opinion goes back and forth every day.  And what's all this weird talk about victory and rah-rah enthusiasm?  Are the Kings trying to win a Stanley Cup or take Pellinor Fields?  (I'll punch myself for that, no need to do it for me.)