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L.A. is Awesome

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If you want proof of how level-headed (some might say apathetic) the Los Angeles sports fan can be, compare this piece of overwritten tripe from a Bostonian with the rather level-headed work penned by John Weisman of the Times.  I love L.A. because our star baseball player is either a drug-abusing freak or a sexual deviant and our star basketball player is a jackass and yet nobody cares.  We keep being told we care but nobody really does.  It's really easy and yet no one does it.


The U.S. lost to Russia today (?  I don't understand time zones), 3-2.  The team has had a fairly strong tournament, with a trio of Kings, past and present, supplying a lot of the firepower.  Patrick O'Sullivan led all forwards in ice time and had 7 points in games, Dustin Brown led the team with 8 points, and Jack Johnson led everyone in ice time and tallied 6 points and, most significantly, had only 4 penalty minutes.  Pretty impressive, if you think about it: impressive that Kings players did that well, and impressive that the U.S. managed to make it to the bronze medal game with guys like that leading the way.

Drew Doughty is currently third among Canadian defensemen in time on ice while potting 7 points in 8 games.  Alex Frolov was kind of disappointing, scoring only 4 points in 8 games, but he has an opportunity to make up for it in the final against Doughty and Team Canada.

Oh, and Michal Handzus had 4 points.  Nobody cares about Michal Handzus.

Overall, the Kings have had a pretty good World Championships.  Way better than the Anaheim Ducks, anyway.  Not one of their players were selected for the tournament.  Losers.