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Yeah, I'll Stay Skeptical On This One

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Andy Strickland is claiming/reporting/pulling out of his ass that Chris Pronger has been traded to the Kings for Jack Johnson, the 5th overall, and some other stuff.  I don't know much about Strickland other than he writes for Eklund's site and is therefore tainted, but if I'm going to be anxious the rest of the day then you should too.  If this is true, though, then I think it's a great deal for the Ducks and an OK deal for the Kings.


Update: Helene Elliot said in an e-mail that the Ducks denied the trade completely, so now it's been denied on both the LA and Anaheim side.  I still get the feeling that they're just trying to delay until the playoffs are over, but we'll see.  The important thing is that we can all go about our day.  Phew.  I'm exhausted.