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JR's Decision

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In between all of the news from the upcoming awards show, let out this little bit of info:

"I don't have a total decision but I am leaning a certain way," said Roenick, 39, who certainly looks fit enough to play another season, which would be his 19th. "It's very hard and going to be an interesting next two weeks."


When asked about what factors are prominent in making a decision, Roenick perhaps tipped his hand (to use a very Vegas sort of term): "Health, my kids' ages, what the team (Sharks) need, whether I am OK playing nine to 10 minutes a game."

"My body is still in great shape," added Roenick. "The decision will be based on family and what (Sharks GM) Doug Wilson says."

My opinion? JR knows his role in San Jose and helps push young guys like Torrey Mitchell and Devin Setoguchi. If he's cool playing 8-10 minutes a game (which, as he says, is one of the deciding factors but isn't really all that different than the past two years) in a variety of roles ranging from 4th-line duty to occasional power play minutes, there's no real reason not to have him on board.