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Kings Free Agency Cheat Sheet

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Here's a quick look at what the Kings will be doing for free agency.  Glance over it, print it out, and throw it in your wallet to show ladies.  It's a great conversation starter!*

RK: Hey, don't you think signing Marian Gaborik would be cool?

Woman: *throws drink in my face


Pending UFA's: Derek Armstrong, Kyle Calder (hooray!), Denis Gauthier (double hooray!)

Pending RFA's: Jack Johnson, Ted Purcell, Kevin Westgarth

Salary Cap Space: A lot.  Johnson and Purcell will probably cost maybe $4 million to re-sign, so the Kings will have enough to do whatever they want this off-season.  They probably won't use a lot of it, though, since they need space to sign all their young guys in a few years.

Key Needs: 1, a winger that can score.  The Kings have a lot of guys that can bury the puck if given the opportunity, but they need someone besides Kopitar and Frolov that can actually create that opportunity.  2, a depth defenseman that can preferably play shorthanded.  The Kings have a lot of young defenseman that can steal a job at camp, but they need someone that can pitch in if no one steps up.

Potential Targets: Marian Hossa, Marian Gaborik, Greg Zanon, Rob Scuderi

What Our Rivals Want: Ducks want the Niedermayer's back, Sharks want someone with a pulse come April.  I think the Sharks should re-sign Alexei Semenov and the Ducks should re-sign Brendan Morrison, I always liked both of them.