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Goodbye Goc's Blog

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With the release of Lukas Kaspar and Marcel Goc, that's two more first-round draft pick busts for the Sharks. It hasn't been pretty over the past decade, and today's release shows that the San Jose scouting staff hasn't hit many home runs -- and it's the end of Marcel Goc's brilliant blog. ("I went to the mall today. It was fun.") While the jury is still out on the 2006 and 2007 picks, the previous picks have left much to be desired. Let's review:

1999: Jeff Jillson -- Great offensive instincts don't mean anything if you can't skate. And for defensemen, the ability to skate backwards without falling over is, well, just a tad critical. But hey, he had a good shot in his limited NHL time.
2000: None
2001: Marcel Goc -- Good at face-offs, a decent penalty killer,'s about it. But hey, he helped fill out the requisite German quota after Marco Sturm left.
2002: Mike Morris -- How not to use a first round pick? On a guy who can't stick with the AHL for more than 17 games.
2003: Milan Michalek, Steve Bernier -- Bernier's still trying to find his way, though at least he gets a regular NHL shift. As for Michalek, he keeps showing frustrating flashes of brilliance but never seems to break through for consistency.
2004: Lukas Kaspar -- Other than consistent playing time for the Worcester Sharks, Kaspar never really did anything notable.
2005: Devin Setoguchi -- 31 goals in his second season makes Setoguchi the best of this bunch.
2006: Ty Wishart -- Traded for Dan Boyle
2007: Logan Couture, Nick Petrecki -- We shall see...
2008: None
2009: None