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Flickchart and the Quick Decision

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I have recently fallen in love with Flickchart, the website that gives you two random movies and asks you to pick the one that you like more.  It's revealing because you go quickly, not thinking long about either film, and it reveals just how you really feel about a certain movie.  For example, I learned that I'm a big fan of stupid blockbusters and I usually shy away from movies that make me think.  This makes sense, when you consider the fact that you aren't really thinking about what you're picking and also that I'm retarded.

Anyway, I was thinking about this idea and decided to open it up to you.  I'll kick it off and name two random players.  The next person that reads this is going to pick the one they'd rather have on their team.  Don't consider contract or look up their stats or anything like that; just pick one.  Then, after they've done that, they will offer up two more random players for the next guy. 

(Hey, I'm trying to buy time'til I get to finish my 3,000 word post on Jack Johnson.)


First up: Cal Clutterbuck or Jaroslav Spacek?


Update: I'm going to need to take a break until Friday because work is crazy right now, but then I should have a lot of stupid shit to put up.  Until next time...