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-The Kings are having their annual development camp this weekend.  Guys like Vyacheslav Voynov, Brayden Schenn, Thomas Hickey, Andrei Loktionov, Jonathan Bernier and Justin Azevedo (Justin Azevedo!) are going to be there.  I'll probably go on Sunday, I think, and isn't it nice that there's one blogger around here that cares enough about their team to know their prospects?  (Looks at Earl, shakes head sadly.)  It's either that, or play Audiostream and watch Psych all day.  Decisions, decisions...

-The Kings themselves should have a camp of sorts on Monday, and I guess Kopitar, Brown, Greene, Stoll and hopefully Doughty should be there.  I imagine the most common thing said that week will be, "Hey, what the hell is up with our new strength & conditioning coach?"

-The Kings invited something named Juraj Mikus to prospect camp this week.  He played with Ziggy Palffy in the Slovakian league and had an ungodly number of assists.  I'm pretty sure the Slovakian league is the equivalent of a beer league, but it's still something.  He's probably going to play in Finland next year unless he makes the team, in which case Bob Miller might kill himself.

Miller: Passes up to Ivanans, who gives it to... uh, Urijah, Judas... *gunshot

Jim Fox: Oh my god!- bobmiller'sdead.

(Also, I looked up Mikus to get his stats and I discovered that there's two Juraj Mikuses.  Another plays for the Maple Leafs.  I guess Mikus is like Smith over in Slovakia.)

-What's a better movie: Dumb & Dumber or Three Amigos?  I wrestled with this for like 3 hours last night on Flickchart.  Clearly my life is a whirlwind of fun.

-If Joe Torre bats Matt Kemp 8th one more time I'm going to snap.


Update: "We're not going for the sex, we're going for the meat.”  -Dean Lombardi