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I love stupid debates

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My buddy and I got into a silly argument about the following question, and even though we were both bullshitting, I'm still not sure what the right answer is.

Assume that there is a city on the equator with two airplanes, and they each set off once around the globe -- one heading due east and the other heading due west.  Assuming that there is no wind or weather:

a) will the planes arrive back in the city at the same time? or

b) will one of them arrive first, just based on the rotation of the earth?

Yeah, we're idiots, but if you can believe it, this stemmed from an even stupider debate about whether it was more feasible to send NHL players to an overseas Olympics in Japan than one in Russia.

Which basically means: the lull part of the off-season is officially here.  (C'mon, Sharks, make a trade already.)

* * *

And as I twittered:

7/11/77 -- It rhymes, it mutliplies, and it's lucky as hell. Happy birthday, me.

Have an extra drink tonight, courtesy of Sleek's 32nd.

Go Ducks.