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Kings Schedule: First Impressions

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First impression?  Hell yeah, the Kings' schedule kicks ass this year.  (Click here to see it.)  Normally the Kings play a ton of home games right at the beginning of the year before the Clippers and Lakers start playing and then go on a long road trip in February for the Grammy's/Cirque de Soleil/Barry Manilow or whatever.  This year, because of the Olympics, the Kings avoid both pitfalls and end up with what seems like a pretty solid schedule.  A look at some highlights:

Sat., October 3rd- Home opener against the Coyotes.  They might actually win this one!

Oct. 10th-19th- The Kings go on their longest road trip of the season a 6-game tour of the United States.  One of those is a back-to-back with the Rangers and Detroit, which seems a little ridiculous.  It's a rough trip but you'd rather get that long trip out of the way early and try to build some chemistry with the team.  Also, the Kings play the Islanders at 11 AM on a Monday.  Is that going to be the lowest-attended game of the year, what the hell?

Nov. 5th- Chris Kunitz comes to town. 

Dec. 1st- The Kings and Ducks square off for the first time.  They play once in December, once in January, twice in February, and then twice in a row in April.  Hopefully those games mean something.

Jan. 2nd- Brooks Laich comes to town.

Jan. 7th-21st- The Kings have a 7-game homestand, their longest of the year.  In that homestand, they play Detroit, St. Louis, San Jose, Anaheim, Boston, San Jose again, and then Buffalo.  That's a pretty big homestand for the team and will likely determine if the Kings are playoff-bound this season.

Feb. 13th-Mar. 2nd- The Kings have a really long break right here.  I guess the schedule makers decided to give the Kings a break, which was really nice of them.

Mar. 6th- Canadiens come to town.  Good game for 3 reasons: Montreal fans are jackasses, Mike Cammalleri is coming back, and Raitis Ivanans will fight Georges Laraque.  Should be a bloodbath.

The Kings play the Islanders, the Rangers and the Bruins twice, while playing everyone else in the East once.  Check out the full schedule and see if there's anything you find interesting.  It's the most wonderful day of the year!