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Season Review: Raitis Ivanans

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2008 - Raitis Ivanans 76 2 0 2 -8 145 0 0 2 0 25 8.0

Raitis Ivanans led the team in minor penalties.

I'm serious.

Raitis Ivanans led the team in minor penalties.  He played 6:22 minutes a game.  That's unconscionable.  He had 35 minor penalties.  The runner-up?  Matt Greene, with 33, then Denis Gauthier with 30.  I mentioned Greene's proclivity for penalties in his season review and I despise Denis Gauthier more than Kevin Y, but at least they, you know, play hockey. 

Ivanans is supposed to just kinda skate around and occasionally punch people in the head.  That's it.  That's his job.  It's pretty easy.  What the hell is he doing trying to overachieve?  He's like a Horatio Alger character but instead of working hard and improving his station, he's taking stupid penalties while he breathes out of his mouth. 

I'm confused; I swear, I thought Ivanans was actually a pretty good enforcer, as far as skating goes, but if he's going to take retarded hooking penalties then he's less than worthless.  George Parros doesn't take that many penalties (10).  Neither does Georges Laraque (8).  Raitis Ivanans is the worst player in hockey.  Right?

Let's trade him.  I'm serious.  I feel terrible for saying it, because my jokes about shoe-eating would definitely take a hit, but Ivanans killed the Kings last year.  Kevin Westgarth is a jackass and will get himself killed one day with his fighting style, but at least he doesn't hurt the team.  I'm sorry, Raitis, but you need to fuck off.