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Kings Sign Rob Scuderi, Goal Scoring Issue Solved

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The Kings were 11th in goals allowed and 27th in goals scored, which means they clearly needed to add offense this off-season.  Well, they did it, signing famed scoring dynamo Robert Scuderi.  Scuderi scored... wait, that can't be right.  One goal?  The guy scored one goal last year?  Oh God, we're doomed.


But seriously, Scuderi is a good stay-at-home defenseman who can either play with Jack Johnson (assuming her majesty is OK moving to the right side) or team up with Matt Greene to form an ultimate defensive stopper unit.  The Kings were 11th in defense last year, but that doesn't mean they can't move up.  I see our defense looking like so next year:


Scuderi-Johnson (One-timers galore)


The only question is, who only plays 15 minutes?  Also, this kind of feels like the prelude to a Johnson trade.  Just a hunch.