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BoC Exclusive: Transcript of the 1st Meeting Between Jack Johnson and Ryan Smyth

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Ryan Smyth walks into the gym locker room to find Jack Johnson sweaty from an early morning workout session.  They eye each other suspiciously.

Jack Johnson:  Uhh, hey man, what's up?

Ryan Smyth:  Not much.  How's the workout?

JJ:  Pretty good, just trying to get ready for the season.

RS:  Cool.


JJ:  Hey, just wanted to let you know I feel bad about a few years ago, I didn't mean to-

RS:  Hey, don't worry about it, you can't control stuff like that.

JJ:  Alright, cool.  No hard feelings then?

RS:  No, none.


RS:  Hey, what you got there?

JJ:  New issue of Maxim.  You know, gotta keep up on the latest trends.

RS:  I know that, I gotta subscription too.  You see the list of the 10 greatest amusement park freakouts?  That was hilarious.

JJ:  Yeah, I don't know how they come up with stuff.  What's that?

RS:  Oh, it's my new iPhone.  It's pretty cool, one minute I can be listening to Nickelback-

JJ:  Oh, I love those guys.

RS:  Yeah, me too.  The next minute I can be watching a movie.  I have Boondock Saints and Fast and Furious on there right now.

JJ:  That's awesome, dude.  ...You mind if I ask you a personal question?

RS:  Sure, go ahead.

JJ:  It's just that... are you a douche bag?

RS:  Yeah, I've heard that.  Why?

JJ:  I am too!

RS:  Really???  Awesome!

JJ:  Hey, I was just about to catch a ride with Jeremy Roenick to go watch Entourage at Mike Cammalleri's house, wanna come with?

RS:  Sure!  Oh boy, I sure hope Ari yells in this episode.

JJ:  I just hope Drama makes an ass out of himself!

RS:  Hell yeah!

*Both fist bump and then make explosion noise