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Rudy is NOT going to be happy

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I don't have a ton of time for this, but I thought I'd get the ball rolling since nothing is up here right now.

Apparently, Ryan Smyth has been trading to the Los Angeles Kings.

My analysis: Bwahahahaha. More from RK and CO. to follow, as the trade details have yet to be hashed out. (H/T to Fear the Fin's Twitter page, heh).

Here's what Rudy wrote about Ryan Smyth for CLS:

1. Which player, for the love of God, do you NOT want to see in your team's sweater in the 09-10 season?

Ryan Smyth. He's a potential for movement since the Avalanche are going to be about as competitive as James O'Brien at the Playboy Mansion but I despise him with every fabric of my being. I hate him. I'd rather see my own birth from the doctor's perspective than have Ryan Smyth in a Kings' jersey. Also, I don't particularly like Mike Cammalleri and wouldn't want to be the idiot team that pays him $6 million dollars to shoot from his knees.