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-Last Sunday, the U.S. Men's soccer team went up by 2 goals against Brazil in the final of the Confederations Cup, only to blow the game and lose, 3-2.  I was crushed.

-On Wednesday, the Kings lost out on Marian Hossa.  I was crushed.

-On Thursday, Trevor Ariza signed with the Houston Rockets.  Since he was my favorite player on the Lakers, I was crushed.

-On Friday, the Kings traded for Ryan Smyth.  Since Ryan Smyth is just the worst, I was crushed.

-Today, Andy Roddick lost a devastating match against Roger Federer and his stupid face in 5 sets.  I've been cheering for Roddick for years (him being the best American since Pete retired) and I always get up early when he's in a final (only to pretty much always watch him lose), so I was crushed.  Especially at the end, when Andy was sitting in his chair just full of rage and sadness and pity.  It was like that episode of The Simpsons where Bart actually tries to do well in school and still fails; Andy didn't blow this one and he didn't get blown out, he just wasn't as good as Federer.  And that has to suck.

-The Dodgers... the Dodgers are OK.  I love Chad Billingsley and he was just named to the All-Star Game.  Good job, Chad.


I really hate sports all the time sometimes.