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The Ducks sign Saku Koivu to a 1 year, $3.25 million deal

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For quite some time, the hot rumor was that Saku Koivu would pull a Scott Niedermayer and follow his brother (in this case, Mikko Koivu) to Minnesota. Instead of paralleling Niedermayer, Koivu decided to follow him to Anaheim.

Surely, Sleek will have a more comprehensive look later today but here are a few of my thoughts:

1. My general salary cap rule is that it's OK to overpay a player when it's a one-year deal, but $3.25 million for a year of Koivu seems pretty reasonable to me.

2. This gives Teemu Selanne someone to hate Swedish people with.*

* I compare the Finnish-Swedish feud to watching a little dog and a cat fight. In their dog/cat worlds, it's a fierce battle but everyone else just has a good laugh.

3. The signing gives the Ducks two very nice scoring lines, which could look something like:

Ryan - Getzlaf - Perry

Lupul - Koivu - Selanne

ANYWAY, those are my spontaneous Saku thoughts. How do you feel, Ducks fans/haters?