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Ryan Smyth Looks Like an '80s Henchman

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My brother thinks Ryan Smyth looks like the violinist Dana dates from Ghostbusters:


An excellent comparison (and I'm impressed by the obscurity), but I think Smyth looks a little bit more like Sully from Commando:


Sully really encapsulates the shittiness of Ryan Smyth, even if he doesn't look as much like him.  Alternatively, Smyth looks like pretty much everyone in Road House.  Or, one of the surfer bad guys from the Hollywood classic Three Ninjas.  Or, Point Break.  If you'll notice, all of these movies are from the '80s except for Three Ninjas, which, let's face it, feels like an '80s movie.  Ryan Smyth sucks.

Jesus Christ No Update:

I realized this morning while I was in the shower that getting Ryan Smyth will probably be the reason the Kings let go of Alex Frolov.  Then I wept like Ace Ventura when he found out Einhorn was a man.  Don't go, Fro. 

Dont Let It End - Styx