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Patrick Kane parody song by the DOH, "I punched a cabbie, but I didn't shoot no deputy"

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Large props go out to Dudes on Hockey podcaster Doug Santana for his musical rendition of Patrick Kane's "I punched a cabbie, but I didn't shoot no deputy." Their innovative dude rating system with regards to the biggest hockey stories is trenchant, but the musical numbers keep literally tens of fans coming back each week for more.

This is a slight improvement over Dave Dameshek's Cheechoo Tears in Heaven musical entry, but not as good as Cheechoo/Tameu by the Whiskey Avengers. Two thumbs up for the DOH podcast as they finish the latest episode strong despite the barren wasteland that is offseason hockey news in the Bay Area. More from Doug Santana and Mike Peattie can also be found at Sharks Hockey Analysis

Completely unrelated topic, but if you like your Russian end of communism allegories in zombie slasher movie/music video form then Gorbochov the Music Video, Bigger and Russianer by ANJ is for you. Warning, you can not unwatch this video.