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Season Review: Oompa Lupul

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Oompa Lupul doompadee doo,
I’ve got a hockey lesson for you,
Oompa Lupul doompadah dee,
If you are wise you’ll listen to me.

What do you with a kid who shoots hard?
Trade him for Pronger, send him northward,
When it comes time when Pronger must be moved,
Reverse the trade and hope the kid’s improved.

Oompa Lupul doompadee dah,
If you can backcheck you will go far,
You will live in happiness too,
Like the Oompa Oompa Lupul doompadee do.

2008 - Joffrey Lupul 79 25 25 50 1 58 6 0 4 1 194 12.9

I haven't watched much of Joffrey Lupul the last couple of years, but he does round out the top six for Anaheim -- here's what I wrote in my farewell piece 3 years ago:

Joffrey1_medium Joffrey Lupul, Edmonton Oilers
Nickname: Loops

Lupul, on the other hand, is an intriguing story made all the more intriguing by the fact that he’s re-teaming with former Mighty Duck Petr Sykora in Edmonton. What’s interesting about that is I was going to use Sykora as a reference point for Lupul: a right-winger with a wicked shot who can backcheck to some degree but is prone to some dumbish penalties. The differences really are footspeed, which enables Sykora also to man the point on the PP, and Petr is a better dresser.

But on to Joffrey, he did score 28 regular-season and 9 playoff goals, really solid numbers for a ‘sophomore’. However, 6 of those 9 playoff goals came in the first 3 games of the Colorado sweep; he only scored in 2 of the other 13 playoff games. Also a little suspect is how he led the team in playoff penalty minutes, averaging one minor per game.

But don’t fret, Oilfans! Lupul’s growing, and I think he’ll come out a winner. He’s got good puck control and offensive awareness, and will shoot a ton of shots. Kinda like Sykora, except he’s a boring interview. One of those two guys is gonna pot 35 goals, I guarantee that. I just can’t tell you which one just yet.

(Oh, and don’t ask me about Smid. I’m still mispronouncing that name, I’m sure.)

Fresh slate, Lupul -- let 'er rip.  Commenters, feel free to remenisce on Lupul's first stint in Anaheim (or if you watched him in EDM or PHI), try to predict the Ducks opening night forward lines, or if you're daring, write another verse to the Oompa Lupul song.

Go Ducks.