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Now Accepting Captaincy Applications

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Attention! Attention! Patrick Marleau haters, your wish has come true! The unibrowed one now has no letter on his chest.

Of course, none of the Sharks do right now. David Pollack broke the news that there is no official Sharks "leadership" right now (and I say that with quotes because I'm in the camp that believes a letter is a cool accoutrement but not necessarily a definition of who's a leader). I do like how Todd McLellan says that he feels training camp will sort this out, and I also have stated ad nauseum that Marleau's gotten a bad rap for pretty much anything he does. Let's not forget that he was pretty much the San Jose's best and most consistent regular season player, played in all situations, and had an MCL injury in the playoffs.

Does that make him a captain? Not necessarily, but I don't think there's any need to target the Death Star at his home planet of Aneroid, Saskatchewan. A while ago, I proposed that the locker room vote for the captain via secret ballot; now, I like that idea but I want to augment it slightly: a weighed vote with Doug Wilson/Todd McLellan getting 50% of the say, and the locker room consensus getting the other 50%

And if it's still tied after that? Well, I think the BoC and Fear the Fin crew can provide some expert counsel in steering the Sharks to the right captain. (Dan Boyle, even though that'd immediately outdate my #22 black jersey.)