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The Nasty Boys? Ugh.

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U.S. Olympic camp is winding down and three players have made a big impression: St. Louis forward David Backes, Vancouver Canuck shutdown center Ryan Kesler, and our very own Dustin Brown.  Those three will probably comprise the U.S.'s shutdown line against the likes of Alex Ovechkin, Sidney Crosby, and Uwe Krupp.  (Does he still play?  Germany sucks.)  They've even got their own nickname, which I'm not happy about: The Nasty Boys.  What is this, 1992?  Brown and Kesler aren't even nasty players, so I don't know what the hell they were thinking.  I tried to think of something more retarded than that nickname, but the best I could come up with was MixMaster Kes and the DB's. 


The weird thing is that the skinny guy's last name is "Fat."

The rumor is that Paul Stastny had chemistry with Patrick Kane, so they'll probably play together assuming Stastny doesn't puncture a lung between now and then.  That means Zach Parise will pair up with either Scott Gomez or Chris Drury.  The wild card in this whole thing is Phil Kessel; he needs to find a home and light it up early in the season to prove he belongs on this team (he does), or I figure the men in charge might find a reason to leave him off.

I know it's early and the NHL hasn't even started yet, but I'm still psyched for the Olympics.  I'm a hippie fag-lover and I once literally hugged a tree, but I'll be damned if a little jingoism doesn't get my blood a-pumpin'.  I got up at 4 in the morning for every U.S. men's basketball game in the last Olympics and got an angry knock from my neighbor for screaming when Kobe and Dwyane Wade did this.  I also got up early for every World Cup match and almost got killed 6 or 7 times for bragging at school when the U.S. beat Mexico in 2002.  The best part about the Olympics is randomly slandering other countries.   I can't really mock the Canadians or the Russians because they're going to completely beat the hell out of the U.S., but I sure as hell can make fun of the other countries.  "Hey, Swiss, more like Swuss!  Have fun "Hop"ping your way to last place!"  "Norway, more like No way you're winning, am I right?"  "Go to hell, Germany, along with your Nazi grandparents!"  Try it, it's therapeutic.