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Wanted: Writers

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Join an Army of One!

Do you enjoy wearing sweatpants, eating nacho cheese and not talking to women?  Congratulations, you may already be a blogger!

SBNation is looking for dedicated people to start up new blogs for the Los Angeles Kings and the Anaheim Ducks because they secretly hate Earl and me but don't have the heart to shut us down.  If you're interested, contact James Mirtle and prove that you're worthy.  (Be warned: proving that you're worthy means lots of spankings.  Lots.)  You'd be joining an awesome group of bloggers like Fear the Fin, Mile High Hockey, Raw Charge.. basically, everyone who isn't writing for Battle of California.  Earl and I have already passed along a few names (I think that Anthony guy from Inside the Kings has some good ideas), but go ahead and apply.  What's the worst thing that could happen?  Well, I guess they could say no.  That would be pretty humiliating.  I mean, if they say no you might as well just kill yourself.

Also, fair warning: whoever writes for the Kings will be my worst enemy and I won't rest until I wipe his blood from my blade.