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I don't usually comment on rumors because 1) they're usually stupid and 2) I'll look like a jackass if I make fun of a rumor and then it actually happens.  I'm pretty confident I can make fun of this one, though:


Los Angeles Kings trade: Alex Frolov


Vancouver Canucks trade: Pavol Demitra

                                                   Shane O'Brien

                                                   2010 Third Rounder


No, seriously.  Let's see if we can follow the logic here: in order for this trade to make sense, the Kings would need to have a plethora of left wingers (they don't) and they would have to have a paucity of defensemen (they don't).  But imagine if they did; imagine the Kings have a ton of left wingers and a dearth of defensemen.  Even if that were true, why in the pluperfect hell would the Kings want Pavol Demitra (who they traded), Shane O'Brien (who did this), and a third round pick (of which the Kings already have 3)?  I've seen a lot of trades, but this is quite possibly the most hare-brained, insanely idiotic trade I've ever seen.  I don't even think the Canucks are dying for left wingers since they have Daniel Sedin and Alex Burrows.  I've never seen a trade where both premises and the conclusion are completely wrong.  This is like... I can't even come up with a proper analogy because my mind is only capable of so much ridiculousness.  This is the type of trade that would go down in Moonside.  This is like offering Superman his own autograph to knife fight your mom.


Watch, now it's going to happen.