Sorry, Kings. You're last again.

Newduckblog_mediumAw, look at the little guy, growing up so fast!

Cartoons aside, congratulations are in order to Arthur and Daniel from Anaheim Calling for accepting the SB Nation challenge -- they'll be moving their blogging act over to this platform sometime in the near future (don't ask me when -- I was barely in the loop when BoC migrated).

Well-deserved, I say; they certainly came with a Sleek endorsement, and I'm excited to see what they bring to the SBN universe -- "Look! A story about the Ducks! And I didn't write it!"

There will certainly be more coming on this as we all get adjusted and figured out, and we'll have some interactive pieces coming pretty soon. Remember: this is a good thing for BoC -- sure we're slowly being replaced but we ain't getting split up. Plus now we'll have some idea about Anaheim's prospect pool -- I don't follow that one bit.

With Anaheim Calling in fold, Mirtle's dream of 30-team coverage is nearly complete -- all that remains is to fill a Kings blogger spot, so come on, Kings fan(s)! Get typing!

I should add -- if you had your heart set on writing for the Ducks at SB Nation, all is not lost. There's plenty of responsibilities for a team-specific blog at SBN, and there may be contributor opportunities down the road. In the meantime, there's always FanPosts -- see how much fun I'm having?

So welcome aboard, AC. Looking forward to some good times this year. Go Ducks.

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