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When will the Madness End?

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NO Marleau has not been traded.....yet?  Pandemonium (ok maybe a few text messages and IM's) ensued tonight when reports surfaced of a 3 way trade sending Marleau to the Kings, Kings sending Frolov and Stoll to the Sens and the Sharks getting Heatley.  Here are how the chain of events unfolded.

Early in the day Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun reports that trade rumor.  My friends and I do what we tend to do when we hear rumors like this.  "What an idiot, we would be stupid to do that, Doug Wilson needs to be fired if this happens, etc." 

Later John Buccigross of  ESPN tweets that Heatley will be traded to the Sharks tonight or tomorrow.  Now this is interesting cause Buccigross seems credible and knows his stuff.  Minutes later is reporting the trade, it is on ESPN news bottom line and it is being reported on a sports talk radio here.  (That last part is not saying much since they also reported that crazy rumor of Pronger to the Kings for Jack Johnson a few months back..but I digress. )

More madness ensues as we frantically check TSN, and other sites to get an update.  As the denials came in from all the GM's involved, I remember back to the year 2000? when also had up on their site that Marleau was traded to New Jersey for Jason Arnott. 

Now I am not saying this trade will not happen but it just doesn't make much sense.  Taking on Heatley's contract in exchange for Marleau puts us over the cap and why would we trade Marleau to a division rival.  Some might even argue why would we trade for Heatley when we could just keep Frolov and Stoll.  With camp starting next week I would hope Wilson would just come out and say "No we are not trading for Heatley" and leave it at that. 

On a side note, rookie camp has started and one of the guys I really want to see is young defensement Nick Petrecki.  He started on a good note with a Gordie Howe hat trick in a game last week and his feisty style might be a good fit on the blue line.