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Shut Up, It's September and I'm Bored

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(They always tell us here at SBNation to make sure we put keywords in out titles to draw traffic from search engines.  I know this, and I do want to expand BoC's traffic, but I just can't help making jokes.  It's like that time my first girlfriend told me she loved me and I called her a fag.  I mean, I know it's wrong and I'm only screwing myself but I just can't help it.)

You know what's not a bad idea?  If the Kings signed Mats Sundin

1) He would be good for Kopitar.  Mats Sundin's career is not what I'm hoping Anze Kopitar's career ends up being but it's a pretty likely path.  Sundin is a big center that can either hurt you by scoring or assisting.  Sounds like someone I know.  Having someone like Sundin could help Kopitar grow into his frame and learn how to use his body effectively.

2) He's a leader.  I'm a big fan of big bald Swedes and Sundin is generally acknowledged as a leader of men.

3) The Kings could use a legit 2nd line center.  Jarret Stoll is OK, but he can't really create any opportunities for his teammates.  Signing Sundin would not only give the Kings a really solid 2nd line (Frolov-Sundin-Brown), but it would also give them an outstanding 3rd line (Handzus-Stoll-Simmonds).  Handzus could shift to the left side and give the Kings their very own Sammy Pahlsson.

4) It's only fair.  The Ducks got their own aging former captain to play 2nd line center, why shouldn't we?

5) Sundin's wife would like LA.  Sleuthing on the Hockey's Future boards revealed that Sundin's new bride is an aspiring singer (I think).  What better place to get involved in the music business than LA? 

6) It's September.  Signing Sundin would give me something to write about.  Pleeeeeaaaaase?