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Kings Preseason Gameday: Scare Tactics

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LA Kings vs. New York Islanders

5:00 PST, Sprint Center   Kansas City, MO    Radio: 1150AM

AEG, who own the Kings, also own the Sprint Center in Kansas City, MO.  They don't have a regular tenant besides, like, AFL2 or something.  They want someone to play there.  They have the Kings play a preseason game there to provide some additional revenue for that arena and also to show it off.  They're just being dicks by having the Islanders play there so they can scare New York into caving to Islanders owner Charles Wang.  I wouldn't read too much into it.

The Kings lineup is as follows:

Lewis-Stoll-Purcell (that's what is listed but I'm pretty sure Lewis and Purcell will be flipped)

Frolov-Handzus-Simmonds (of course)

Clune-Harrold-Richardson (4th line #1)

Ivanans-Cliche-Westgarth (4th line #2)






Quick (should play all game)


John Tavares isn't playing, but don't worry because the rest of the Islanders' stars are playing.  Wait, they don't have any other stars.  Umm... Kevin Westgarth's brother is playing and they might get into a fight?  That's cool, right?  Get your tickets today, Missourians!

Prediction: Clune locks down a spot, and one of Richardson/Lewis/Cliche gets sent down.  Hey, what about a Clune-Cliche-Lewis line?  That seems like it'd be pretty good.