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What Month is It? Yep, Still September

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Hey, why don't the Kings trade for Anton Babchuk?

1) They could use him. The Kings need another defenseman for their power play and Babchuk has a good shot. He was 3rd on the Hurricanes in power play goals despite being 11th in power play time. The Kings could pair Babchuk with Doughty and have a backend not unlike Visnovsky-Blake from a few years ago.

2) He's Russian. (Well, Ukranian, but I'm ignorant so it's the same thing.) I love Russians because they're awesome and he'd give Alex Frolov someone to talk to.

3) He sucks at defense. Well, that's not so much a reason the Kings should get him, but the Kings don't really need a guy that is great at defense as long as he can shoot. The Kings already have 3 good defensive defenseman and they could hide Babchuk until they get a power play.

4) I'm bored. C'mon, rookie camp's going on right now but none of those guys are going to make the team except maybe Thomas Hickey, so why not do something? I do a lot for you guys, do something for me.

Yeah, the guy seems like a dick and he'd probably infect the team with his vodka drinking and Dostoevsky quoting, but he'd fill a need on the team and could probably be signed for cheap.

*Sigh Training camp starts on Sunday.


It's funny: the general consensus on that whole LeGarrette Blount punch was that it was deplorable and it was right to suspend him for the season; the general consensus in the locker room last night was that it was awesome, the Boise State guy deserved it, and Blount should only be suspended for backing up like a bitch after throwing the punch.