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Ducks Gameday -- Titles are Hard to Do.

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Boston Bruins (22-15-7, t-5th in east) at Anaheim Ducks (20-19-7, 12th in west), 7 pm
Go visit Anaheim Calling to talk Oregon Ducks and Stanley Cup of Chowder to talk UCLA Bruins -- damn you, football!

Four game win streak?  At a time when the Kings have lost three straight and the Stars and Coyotes each have won only one of their past six?  No wonder Rudy's casting movies in the post below.  Incidentally, the last time the Ducks won four straight regulation decisions was back in February 2008, when Selanne returned from post-cup semi-retirement.  Now the Finnish Flash is two games back from a hand injury, and so far, so good.

Of course, the last time the Ducks and Bruins met back in October, not only did the 6-1 final match Anaheim's largest margin of victory this season, but in some parallel sports universe another Anaheim team was toppling another Boston team -- oops.

Ah, nothing like a modified classic -- a good luck charm in games past.

I did have to mention two quotes from Barstool Bob in an LA Times Helene Elliott post.  Now normally, Murray is the anti-Burke; he hardly seems to say anything even newsworthy, but he does make a bit of noise here:

"Scotty and I have been talking and he’s going to retire an Anaheim Duck.  And that’s the way it’s going to be unless he tells me different.  I have an agreement with Scotty and it’s my word.  We’ve talked about this. I see him staying here.  Who knows, he might play next year."

I like this -- not only does it put a clear message of support out there on Scotty's behalf, but it suggests a player-first dedication from the GM -- a nice reputation to have when free agency rolls around.  And I love the idea of Scotty returning next season, hopefully of course on a Selanne-style team-friendly contract.

"No disrespect for the East, but our conference is very competitive.  And it's very, very tough to pass teams.  I think good teams are going to miss in the West.  At one point a few weeks ago, .500 was making the playoffs in the East, for God’s sake.  That’s not even close in our conference.  We do all the travel and they have trouble being .500."

Overall, he's right, but it is worth pointing out that the Ducks are only 4-5-1 against eastern teams this season, allowing 3.20 goals-per-game.  The Boston Bruins, meanwhile, are a more impressive 17-10-6 against eastern teams, allowing 2.18 goals-per-game. 

Here's the really depressing comparison, though: In 10 games against eastern clubs, the Ducks have surrendered 12 power play goals.  In 33 games against eastern clubs, the Bruins have surrendered 11 -- that's really embarrassing.

Prediction: Ducks 4, Bruins 2.  Even though the B's play without any centermen, Battlestar Getzlaftica still manages to end the night under 50% in the faceoff circle.  Frak.  Goals by Ryan, Chipchura, Teemu, and the Sex Offender.

Go Ducks.