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Ducks Gameday -- Hittin' the Blooze

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Anaheim Ducks (23-21-7, 11th in west) at St. Louis Blues (22-21-7, 13th in west), 5 pm
Anaheim Calling or St. Louis Game Time for some actual hockey talk.

It's a lazy Saturday and I don't feel like writing very much today.  However, I did get my act together to draw up a few player-nickname pictures for a few players that haven't received much Sleek-art attention -- namely Sheldon Brookbank, Dan Sexton (nickname rationalization here), and Matt Beleskey (thanks to Kent at M&G for the idea).  I've used these nicknames in the past -- now I just have 'em in graphic form.  Enjoy!




Prediction: I should be around for gametime; stop on by and hang out in the comments.  Ducks 3, Blues 2.  Goals, naturally, by the three profiled above.

Go Ducks.