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Ducks Gameday -- "Gorilla Head" it is!

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Anaheim Ducks (24-22-7, t-10th in west) at Washington Capitals (34-12-6, 1st in east), 4 pm
Anaheim Calling west side, Japers' Rink east side.

Spade-in-Victorhell, January 11:

the gorilla head gets his 200th [coaching win]...i shall send him a barrell of bannanas to celebrate

Spade-in-Victorhell, January 26:

im waiting for you to incorporate caryle into donkey kong

Tu Madre, next comment:

me too.

FYI, I'm a pushover when it comes to commenter requests, especially ones that are seconded.  So in keeping with the eighties-video-game-inspired theme, here's a Donkey Kong Randy Carlyle for ya:

A very good cup-lifting stance, and I even used a Donkey Kong with a tie!

Now you all know I am a sucker for player nicknames, but normally they are immediately adopted -- when I hear or think of a good fitting nickname, it sticks to a player fast.  It's sort of rare that a nickname grows on me over time.  But I gotta hand it to Spade -- his repeated use of "Gorilla Head" in BoC comments, combined with my inability to find anything to call Coach Carlyle on my own, has nearly sunk in.  I'm not using it often yet -- I'll still refer to "RC" most of the time, I think -- but it's on its way.  Gorilla Head!

Of course, the Donkey Kong storyline really has two main components (we'll leave the princess out of it for now).  Gorilla Head must protect his lofty perch from the relentless charge of his moustached nemesis -- who honestly wasn't that tough to cast:

"Hey, itsa me, George Parrio!"

George Parrio is determined to ascend the various slopes and ladders that will eventually get himself back into the everyday playing lineup, but Donkey Carlyle keeps throwing barrels that get in Parrio's way.  In this case, the barrels represent things like Koivu returning from injury, Carter returning from injury, Bodie's work ethic, Chipchura's overall effectiveness (seriously, this guy has played 26 games for the Ducks now and I still can't find anything to complain about), Nokelainen's backchecking, Brown's penalty-killing, Beleskey & Sexton filling top-six roles, Artyukhin's hot-and-cold streaks, and pretty soon Teemu's return to the lineup.

It's getting quite difficult for poor ol' Parrio to finish the level, it seems.  Now to be fair, George is good-spirited about things, I think -- he wrote this during his IR stint:

In my absence there has been no shortage of fisticuffs, though, with many different guys shedding their gloves for a five-minute vacation in the box.  But these tough guys (Troy Bodie, Mike Brown and others) have been setting a new trend as well … scoring!  They have all been banging pucks in.  Bodes just had a big game-winner for the boys the other night against Buffalo.  It has really helped our squad to get scoring from all four lines and the back end as well.  Hopefully that will continue to be the case in the coming weeks.

Now for the record, I like Parros -- well, at the very least I like how much Anaheim likes him.  He's become an icon that extends way beyond his presence on the ice -- fake moustache sales in Anaheim are doing well, I'm pretty sure.  But I don't know if he'd be in my everyday lineup, especially one that's fully healthy.  He'd be used in some home games for sure, but he'd probably have to sidestep some barrels to play regularly.  But I don't mind that role out of George at all -- as Gorilla Head monkeys with the day-to-day lineup card, George Parrio can be used in games where it makes sense, when there is a real heavyweight to deal with on the opposing roster or something.

I am hoping those days are coming to an end though and am looking forward to joining my fellow brothers in battle.

Attaboy, Parrio.  Good luck avoiding those barrels.

Prediction: I should be around this afternoon; hope it's not brutal.  Ducks 4, Caps 2.  No goals by Parros.

Go Ducks.