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On the Bright Side

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The Kings outshot the Wings, 52-24.

Smyth-Kopitar-Brown absolutely dominated Bertuzzi-Datsyuk-Zetterberg, outshooting them 23-7 and causing them to draw 4 penalties.

The most entertaining battle of the night took place between 2-time Penalty Plus-Minus champ Dustin Brown and 4-time Lady Byng winner Pavel Datsyuk.  The result?  Datsyuk took 2 penalties, both on Brown.

The only player you can say had a bad game last night is Raitis Ivanans.  Maybe Brandon Segal.

I spontaneously came up with some entertaining new curse combinations last night.  For example: cunt balls.

Somehow Jack Johnson was a -2 last night.  That's not good but it makes me think of the other night against San Jose when the Kings won 6-2 and Johnson ended the game at -1.  Once again proving me point: Jack Johnson is a jackass.

The Kings were owed after the Atlanta game in November, then were repaid against San Jose last week; this makes them owed again.  So we got karma on our side, which is nice.

Cunt balls.